New to the boating game? We’re here to help!

1. Insurance

    Just like a car it’s important to get boat insurance to protect liability and damage. As we know out on the water things can be hazardous and result in damage which is why it is important to choose a reputable insurance company prior to taking your new boat out on the water.

    2. Safety Equipment

    Having the correct safety gear on your vessel is necessary before taking it out on the water. NSW has legislations on what you need on your boat before launching it.

    Below is the NSW Safety equipment checklist.

    3. Learning how to launch

    Learning how to launch a boat off a boat ramp can be one of the most stressful yet essential things to learn as a new boat owner.

    To keep you and other boaters happy at the ramp we recommend going during the quiet hours of the morning or afternoon to practice when its less busy and remember to check your bungs before your boat enters the water. To be more organized be sure you have all of your gear in the boat ready to go.

    Most importantly take your time!

    4. Basic Boat Maintenance

    Regular maintenance on your boat is important not only to keep it healthy but to further the likely hood of keeping the boats resale value as high as you can.

    To keep your new prized possession looking and running just as new comes a few requirements when you take your boat out of the water after a long day such as flushing out your engine after every use to prevent corrosion and debris.

    5. Weather Conditions

    Before taking your boat out it is vital to check the weather conditions for the day even if the sky looks clear, be sure to check wind, tides and swell conditions. You should only head out into the water if your confident the forecast conditions are within your capability and the capability of your vessel.

    Be prepared by having extra warm clothes and wet weather gear as well as the correct required lights on your vessel.

    6. Boat Documents

    Our last major tip is to remember to bring the correct paper work with you when going out on your boat, just like when driving your car you will need to have your boat license on you to ensure you don’t get in trouble with the maritime and water police as some fines and penalties can incur if you don’t have it on you or in your vessel. It may also be a good idea to keep your boating hand book on board and any instructions to your vessels engine incase of any mishaps.