We love our weekend adventures on the water but the grime on your boat definitely builds up over time. Between the salt, sun and bird droppings, if you can’t commit to caring for your boat frequently, the damage can add up.

If you love your boat as much as we love ours, we know you’ll want to keep it looking pristine. But getting your boat to look as new as the day you bought it isn’t easy. That’s why we love providing our professional detailing and deep cleaning service, because we want to help ensure your boat can always shine like new.

Why should you regularly book a boat detailing service?

  • To keep your boat in good condition, which will help retain its value
  • To remove any marks and stains, leaving your vessel good as new and protected for future outings
  • To protect your boat from future UV exposure (and damage caused by salt water), with regular waxing.
  • To remove scratches and prevent rust on your stainless steel appliances and railings 
  • To prevent mold developing in your boat’s interior (or remove existing damage)
  • To stop future algae growth (and remove any current algae problems)

Our boat detailing services includes: 

  • A buff and polish of all stainless steel
  • The removal of rust stains 
  • Wax and buff of your hull and deck
  • A full interior clean – including mold treatment of the upholstery and steam cleaning any carpet
  • Degreasing your engine bay to help avoid mechanical issues (and more quickly identify any that do pop up – because when it’s clean, problems are seen!)

Our team of expert detailers have been detailing boats for many years and would love to help you keep your boat in perfect condition. 

Ready to book your boat in?

Call us today on 02 9525 3166 or email service@jdsboatshed.com.au to schedule your service.