Whether your boat stays in the water for weeks or for just the occasional day trip, the best way to protect your hull from becoming home to all manner of marine life and corrosion is with regular antifouling treatments. 

Antifouling is a coating that creates a barrier between your hull and the elements. Say goodbye to slime, grime, and the threat of barnacles, oysters, and mussels making their way into your propellers. 

But that’s not all antifouling is good for.

Regular antifouling helps to:

  • Keep your aluminium or fibreglass hull corrosion and osmosis-free by acting as a sealant 
  • Keep your boat in the water for longer periods of time (because you don’t have to worry about marine growth or damage to your hull)
  • Enhance your boat’s performance (because you won’t have added  weight to your vessel to slow you down)

Why visit JD’s Boatshed for your antifouling? 

Firstly, we’ll prepare the hull of your boat by carrying out a thorough cleaning, scraping, and blasting to remove any evidence of marine life and grime. 

To get rid of the discoloured “waterline” mark around your hull, we apply an acid wash. This step ensures your hull is stain-free and continues to look good as new.

From there, we mask up, spraying two coats of antifoul on your sterndrive (the rear propellor) and transom (the cross-section of the stern), then roll two coats over the hull.

To prep your boat’s propellers, we apply propspeed to help further protect your boat from marine growth and corrosion. 

And finally, we remove and refit your boat’s anodes. Anodes protect your boat’s metal and mechanical equipment from corrosion and should be replaced at least every 12 months to ensure it is working to its optimum level.