As we all know how much fun, relaxing and thrilling boating can be we also need to be aware of the safety risks that can happen whilst boating. In order to keep our family, friends and ourselves safe we need to be sure we are carrying the correct safety gear in our vessel whilst out on the water.

The difference between a simple mishap and fatality could be determined by the safety equipment on board, if the equipment is missing or out of use by date the skipper and passengers could be in real danger.

Although extremely important, life jackets may not be the only lifesaving tool to carry onboard, other items such as a fire extinguisher, torch, Bailer bucket, distress flares and more could be just as necessary in the case of an emergency.

Storage and Access:

Safety gear may not be much help if you cannot access it in an emergency, ensure your gear is stored in an easy access area and check regularly that they are in good working condition.

NSW Regulations:

Depending on what state you live in there will be regulations on what safety gear you must carry onboard whilst in enclosed waters and open waters.

Below is the NSW Safety equipment checklist.

For more information on rules and regulations click on the below.

Statistics show that up to 60 per cent of recreational boating fatalities could have been
prevented over the last 10 years had all persons presumed drowned in recreational boating incidents had been wearing a lifejacket.

In regards to incidents attributed to lack of judgement, in 2020-2021 statistics say they went up by 178% compared to 2019-2020.

As your local boat dealer it is our job to ensure our customers are as safe as possible. We consistently provide new boats with all necessary safety gear as well as ensuring all service boats that come through our doors have the correct safety gear onboard.