We all know how easy it is to let busy schedules get in the way of taking care of one of your most prized possessions, regular maintenance on your boat is important not only to keep it healthy but to further the likely hood of keeping the boats resale value as high as you can.

Most boats are recommended to complete a service annually, doing this will add years to its lifespan and keep the boat performing with maximum speed, power and consistency.

  • Just like any other Vehicle your boats oil and filter will need to be changed, not to forget lubrications, spark plugs and more! If you’d like to book in for service or repairs email or call us on 9525 3166. There are also things you can do to help maintain your boat throughout the year such as flush out your engine after every use to prevent corrosion and debris.

Engine maintenance is very important but looking after the exterior is also just as necessary. Antifoul is an important part of keeping the hull looking new and maintained.

Along with service and maintenance repairs here at JD’s Boatshed we also offer the application of Antifoul, antifoul is a chemical treatment that’s applied to the hull to slow down the growth of marine organisms such as barnacles, slime, algae and mossy weed as well as preventing osmosis on the hull and corrosion on sterndrives or running gear.

We recommend you check up on your hull growth every 6 months to avoid loss of power, difficulty maneuvering the boat, bad fuel consumption and to keep the overall appearance of the boat looking healthy.