How Can I Obtain Parts For My Cobalt Boat?

To order parts, contact us on 9524 7472, Please have your HIN number of your Cobalt and a description of the parts needed. 

Where Can I Find Engine/Outdrive Parts Or Technical Support?

Call us on 02 9524 7472 for part enquiries.

How Long Are Parts Available For My Cobalt Boat?

Cobalt Boats will strive to keep most parts for a minimum of seven years, however, vendor constraints do play a part in this. We do keep emblems and decals in stock. 

How Do I Transfer The Warranty On My Cobalt Boat?

To transfer warranty or transfer the extended power train warranty still within the 5-year warranty period. Contact us on 95247472 or email .

How Can I Obtain An Owner’s Manual?

You can access a PDF of your specific manual by going to the Owner Resources page. 

How Can I Obtain Gelcoat To Match The Color Of My Cobalt?

Gelcoat or gelcoat patch kits are available for models built from 1973 to the present from Gel Coat Products, Visit or for more info. 

Where Can I Locate A Service Manual?

Cobalt Boats does not offer service manuals; however, Cobalt has owner’s manuals available to download at our Owner Resources page. For any engine service information, please contact us on 9524 7472. 

Where Can I Purchase Cobalt Accessories Or Apparel?

Please visit

Where Can I Learn More Information About Cobalt Wine?

Please visit

What Product(S) May I Use To Clean The Upholstery On My Cobalt?

Please reference your owner’s manual at: Owner Resources